The Key to Happier and More Productive Life

“If everything is amplified, we hear nothing.” 
– Jon Stewart

At the risk of straying into “life coach” territory I would like to share with you how I became happier and more productive during Covid-19. It all started this past March with our family’s trip to Kenya. I had minimal access to T.V., radio, print media, and the internet given that we were on safari in the middle of nowhere for most of our holiday. The interesting thing I found was that when I returned to Canada, even with the world in the grips of a full scale pandemic, I experienced reduced stress and no loss of access to what I considered relevant and important information. Since March, because of this serendipitous outcome, I have placed myself on a strict “media diet” with the result that I am definitely happier and certainly more productive.

Lessons learned? Putting aside entertainment consumption, the question I now try to ask myself is, in one year could my life be better as a result of what I’m about to watch, listen or read?. If the answer is no, I attempt to focus on sources of wisdom like Morgan Housel’s “Permanent Assumptions” which will indeed improve my life … and perhaps yours.

Keith N. Thomson

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