Merry Christmas from Monty the Penguin

“There is no such thing as information overload – only filter failure.”
– Clay Shirky

For over a decade the British retailer, John Lewis, has aired what has become an iconic holiday season commercial. Although this year’s “Give a Little Love” was clever, in my opinion nothing comes close to 2014’s “Monty the Penguin”. Ironically, given our opening Dr. Seuss quote, it is a rather slick piece of marketing directly targeted to tug on our heart strings … and open up our wallets and purses! Having said that, I challenge you to watch this two-minute advert without getting even a little bit choked up, not to mention the ear worm of a song, “Real Love“, by John Lennon that will have you humming all day long.

As this pandemic year winds down, I sincerely hope that you have the opportunity to spend more time with your family and, on a socially distanced basis, your friends. Perhaps during these quieter times we can reflect on who and what brings significant meaning to our lives. It is with this parting thought in mind, and your own interpretation of the moral from “Monty the Penguin”, that I wish you all the best for the season and a very happy New Year.

Merry Christmas!

Keith N. Thomson

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