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Jun 2014

Peculiar Traits of Rich People

One of the ways I filter out 99.9% of the media noise all of us are exposed to on a regular basis is to have set up an RSS feed on my computer that I check once a day. In this way I can access the wisdom of only those individuals who, over the years, I feel have something truly worthwhile to say. One of…

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Jul 2012

Canadians have more consumer debt than ever

Debt is often a large obstacle to the preservation of wealth. According to a CBC News article, the current trend for Canadians is that their debt is growing. The article reported that, “Although Canadians’ disposable income increased during the first three months of 2012, it did not rise as much as their personal debt did, on average, according to Statistics Canada.


Jul 2012

Canadians should make saving a habit

In a great article on CNN Money International, Canadians are advised to “Turn saving into a habit.” Often, Canadians may struggle to save sufficiently, especially if they do not have a financial advisor to help them meet their financial goals. Saving, however, is incredibly important: it not only increases your net worth but also helps to ensure financial well-being.

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