All About Gratitude

As we start the New Year perhaps the most important resolution should be to make gratitude a priority. Easy to say but hard to make a habit of doing.  Once again I draw on the wisdom of Hugh McLeod to expand on the subject.


Here’s a question: when in business, when should you *feel* successful? When do you start thinking of yourself *as* successful?

When you make a million dollars? When your company makes its first billion? When you get your corner office? When your payroll exceeds a hundred people? A thousand people?

How about… when you start feeling truly grateful to have the people around your office, in your life?

How about, instead of measuring success by numbers, you measure it by the amount of *gratitude* you have for being there?

Gratitude is not just a nice virtue they teach you at Sunday School. It’s a very powerful sign that you’re doing something right.

Keith Thomson

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